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The Can-Do Child: Enriching the Everyday the Easy Way was published by ReThink Press in 2018.   It is an inspiring and essential book for anyone who cares for, or works with, children from early years upwards, helping discover simple and practical ways help them develop essential life skills and a can-do mindset through everyday situations and opportunities. The book is highly regarded by professionals, and regularly features in the Amazon Kindle Top 50 chart for Parenting..




"This book will help you to help children become happier, more independent, enterprising and resourceful. I thoroughly recommend it for both parents and professionals."


Dr Lynne Kenney, Psy.D Practicing PediatricPsychlogist, international speaker and educator, co-author of Bloom




Lorraine’s first book, Enterprising Child, was published in 2012 following extensive research to understand how family influences and parenting styles impacted upon the development of children who grew up to innovate and inspire and make a positive impact upon the world. It has been immensely popular world-wide with both parents and teachers, and is packed with resources, guidance, and inspiring stories.


Enterprising Child currently has 95% five star reviews on amazon.co.uk and 100% 5 star reviews on amazon.com


Lorraine is creator of the Can-Do Child™ philosophy helping parents and educators nurture a generation of can-do children who are creative, innovative, independent, resourceful, and resilient, using her Three Es model of Engagement, Enterprise, and Enjoyment.


Lorraine has had a wide variety of articles published both in paper and on digital platforms including Teach Secondary, Working Mums, Regus Connect, Quibly (technology and parenting), School Run, and Sue Atkins The Parenting expert. She also contributed to the 2014 White Paper "How is crowdfunding affecting the future of education?" published by Crowdfunder and supported by Nesta.


If you would like to commission Lorraine for an article online or in print, please contact her directly at lorraine@candochild.com giving details of your publication, target audience, and deadline for submission.




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